Vibrant Color Guard

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Vibrant Color Guard Post Color Sealer 150ml

Product Description

Sexy Hair Vibrant Color Guard Post Color Sealer is a decadent elixir that locks-in colour in the hair for longer, resulting in a desirably vibrant finish that is guaranteed to get noticed.

Working magnificently as a final step in your haircare regime, Vibrant Color Guard Post Color Sealer closes the cuticles of each strand, ensuring that the colour remains intact and brilliant for up to ten weeks longer. With the ability to neutralise the chemicals within the hair, this colour prolonger masterfully conditions and hydrates the tresses whilst offering root-deep protection against daily aggressors.

Infused with both Rose and Almond Oil, Vibrant Color Guard Post Color Sealer ensures that the hair receives the optimal levels of care and nourishment, whilst simultaneously promoting the vibrancy and longevity of the colour.

Rose Oil works to soothe any irritation on the scalp and deeply moisturises every individualhair strand, to produce a sophisticated finish for the hair without compromising on the hydration and health. Similarly, Almond Oil utilises Vitamin E and a luscious texture to enrich this treatment for the tresses with gentle yet highly effective care and nourishment.

Transform the tresses with Vibrant Color Guard Post Color Sealer from the haircare experts at Sexy Hair.


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