Oct 2019

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends

Artful, glamorous, and just a little spooky – these are the best adjectives to describe the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends. Crafted to coincide with some fascinating runway themes, the fall 2019 beauty trends were diverse and memorable, with many elements that will surely become everyday staples.

On the wearable side of the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends we saw gorgeously dewy skin, a touch of bronzer, and lots of different techniques for using eyeliner. Eyeshadow colors were feminine, with lots of pinks and purples, while gold and glitter will compete against smokey eyes for the go-to going out look.

The super strong brow was on its way out, while extra fluffy lashes were definitely in for the fall 2019 makeup trends. As far as artistic creations were concerned, abstract paint splatters, unique eyelashes, and line work were the choice for avant-garde makeup, while on the creepier side of things we saw contact lenses used impactfully.

Splashes of Makeup on Face

The avant-garde option for the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends was a little bit creepy and very post-apocalyptic. Models’ faces were splashed with paint in a way that created an otherworldly and intimidating effect.

There was certainly lots of “the end is nigh” talks at Vivienne Westwood, so the splashes of paint on the face seemed like an appropriate end-of-the-world, everything-is-on-fire makeup look. The paint was either colorful and rubbery in a delightfully creepy way, or it was metallic and concentrated at the center of the face like the most bizarre highlight.

Barely-There Makeup

A no-makeup makeup look is a runway classic, intended to enhance models’ beauty without interfering, and to allow the audience to really focus on the clothes presented. Keeping things simple is perfectly acceptable, according to the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends. You can achieve this look with ease with the help of concealer, lip balm, and just a hint of mascara!

The no-makeup look at Marc Jacobs was especially notable because it’s not exactly what we’re used to. Models on a Marc Jacobs runway are usually done up in noticeable and avant-garde ways, so the shift to clean, pared-down makeup was surprising but not unwelcome. Many were quick to point out that the likely reason for the subtle look was that Marc Jacobs Beauty will soon be debuting skin care products.


This might be the most youthful of the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends. A touch of pinky blush is the easiest way to liven up the complexion and soften the face, so the runways where it showed up were definitely ones where innocence and purity were part of the aesthetic.

Bronzed Goddess

It’s hard to resist a bronzed goddess, especially when everyone else is looking pale and cold, which is why the runways where bronzer was used liberally really stood out to us, even though the rest of the makeup was kept understated.

Dewy Skin

The skin can get so dry and dull during winter, when there’s no moisture in the air and cold winds assault our faces. No wonder that designers and makeup artists alike wanted to go in the opposite direction, to show beautifully glowy and hydrated skin that won’t get damaged by inclement weather. Notably missing from this trend: shimmery highlighters. This healthy glow is all about moisture.

Sparkle and Glitter

It’s fun to use a bit of glitter in your makeup look now and then, but for the fall 2019 makeup looks makeup artists went way above that, opting for lots of glitter rather than a subtle touch.

‘60s Eye, Sort of

There are a few elements that are heavily associated with the ‘60s mod eye makeup look, and usually only one of them is required to achieve the effect. The first is applying a rounded line of liner or dark eyeshadow either along the crease or slightly above it (usually matching it with a swipe of winged black liner on the top lash line, as well), and the second is a clumpy layer of mascara on the bottom lashes (alternatively, vertical lines can be drawn to mimic the clumpy lashes, à la Twiggy).

‘Gold Eye Makeup

A bit of gold is a sure way to look glamorous. For the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends, gold eyes were definitely that, but there was also something a little disco about them. Gold was often combined with darker, smokey outer corners and creases, in big and bold evening looks.

Smudges of Black

Blending was out of the question for the messy black eye makeup trend. We’re not talking about smokey eyes here, but about swipes of thick black shadow or cream that were applied to look as haphazard as can be. This is not one of those fall 2019 beauty trends that are intended for real life, but you can take inspiration from it to use a lot of black.

Voluminous Lashes

The fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends are all about the eyelashes, with looks that were heavy on the mascara. Behind the scenes, makeup artists were not afraid of a big of clumping. While obvious false lashes weren’t too common, cluster lashes or multiple layers of mascara certainly were.

Soft but Present Brows

For the fall 2019 makeup trends there were no Instagram brows in sight. Instead, eyebrows were filled in softly, so they had presence but without any harsh lines or extreme points. The brows looked as though they had been filled in with powder rather than pomade or pencil, and they were rarely brushed up the way they had been in the previous season.

Glossy Lips

Slowly but surely, we’ve seen glossy lips pop up more and more often, both on the runways and on Instagram. Glossy lips are undeniably sexy, since they make the lips look shiny, moisturized, and lush. We’re happy to report that, as a whole, lips looked more hydrated and dewy with makeup artists preferring gloss and satin finishes to the matte velvet finish of the previous years.

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