Dec 2016

Dragon’s blood tree

French plant-based natural ingredients company, Naturex, has launched its new skin rejuvenation active from Dragon’s blood (Croton lechleri). The ingredient is sourced from trees in the Amazon rainforest where locals use it for topical skin care.

Dragon’s blood is obtained from the bark and sap of the tree baring the same name. When the tree is cut it oozes a red latex, hence the name Dragon’s blood. In dragons blood treetraditional medicine throughout South America the red latex has been used for its antiviral, wound healing, and GI benefits. Naturex promotes its antioxidant activity as a result of a high content of proanthocyanidins which helps heal and protect the skin.

Proven efficacy, ease of formulation and safety are key characteristics of this new ingredient. Backed by in vitro and ex vivo studies, Naturex Dragon’s Blood extract improves the stratification and quality of the new epidermis and contributes to a complete regeneration of the tissues, for skin rejuvenation.

Naturex informs customers that the active ingredient can be used in product formulations of all types of skin care applications. The new ingredient was unveiled at the in-cosmetics trade show in Milan in April and received positive feedback, according to Dauby.

Naturex claims that the natural ingredient is obtained by locals indigenous to the Amazon in a renewable manner where the trees are well preserved.

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