Feb 2017


Women with round or fuller faces often want to know how they can make their face look slimmer and fat removal for face. You are like to find makeup for your face? The answer is with the help of makeup.

The right makeup technique can effectively make your fat face look slender. Here are the important makeup tips if you want to camouflage your round face. Every woman who have fat faces and likes to be more beautiful and trendy fashion, should watch this video to see are you good candidates for fat face removal. Use this tricks and tips and looking like Adele.

  • The goal for a round face is to make it appear a little slimmer and not quite so round.
    With that said, the top makeup tip for a round face that I follow is contouring. Contouring makes all of the difference in the world when you have a round face and can make your face appear longer instead of round!
  • Did you know that with a round face, brown tones are typically the best?
    These tones highlight the best and even make any eye color pop!
    For me, I use brown eyeshadow and it really highlights my green eyes and makes them pop!
  • When you give your face an angled eyebrow, it’s a great way to really highlight your face and draw attention to your eyes.
  • Finally, if you really want to draw people into your eyes, one surefire makeup tip for a round face that you should follow is darker eyeshadow!
  • Play with the eyes, Shape your eyebrows, Blusher essential, Lip trick, Select the right color, Take the time to find your cheekbones, Be picky about your tools.

Be trendy fashion !

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