Priming the area is key to achieving a smoky eye. For those with dry skin, select a primer with hydrating benefits, for those with oily skin choose a more powdery finish. If the area around the eye is bluish in colour, use a yellow-based primer to neutralize the blue. Apply the primer all the way to the brow. If you do not have access to a primer you can use a dot of concealer or foundation as a base.
The latest trend in beauty today is all about athleisure. However, this is not just a trend, it is now becoming a revolution. Athleisure beauty is all about working with the skin while working out or going to the gym. This is in connection with the known fact that wearing makeup during a workout could damage the skin.
This 2017 winter season, another beauty trend comes to appear that will surely catch the attention of people worldwide. This trend is used and popularized by many beauty enthusiasts, makeup artists, bloggers, and most of all among celebrities. Fashion shows from different countries are showing this trend into a more beautiful one.

The Nineties have ruled for a while now but there’s only so much nude matte lippie we can take. Thankfully this season, designers decided to pay homage to another decade.

One where the hair was bigger, the eyeshadow brighter and the contouring sharper than ever before.

Women with round or fuller faces often want to know how they can make their face look slimmer and fat removal for face. You are like to find makeup for your face? The answer is with the help of makeup.

The makeup trends for 2017 are a tale of two extremes: either just a little bit of makeup applied artfully, or piles and piles of glitter and shine. Here, six new beauty trends you can master with products you already own.