Swiss Box Manicure Set

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RUBIS Swiss Box Manicure Set


This Manicure & Tweeze set answers all your plucking and trimming needs in a slick, protective gift box. This set is made up of tweezers, cuticle/nail scissors, clippers & a nail file all made with the distinctive Rubis twist. These Swiss-made tools are hand crafted and checked both by eye & machine so you are guaranteed that they will be perfectly aligned, stable, resilient and ergonomically shaped for effectiveness and ease of handling. You could also bury them for 50 years without a tarnish.


Soften your cuticles by soaking your hands in warm water, then rub in a Cuticle Eraser, Creative Nail Design make the one the professionals use, and allow it to sink in for a few minutes. Use the file in a circular motion to push back all of the skin that meets the nail. This will expose the area you need to trim. Trim small pieces at a time to get a smooth, clean finish without hurting yourself. Then file and shape your nail to the shape you want, wash hands and cover in a lovely hand cream.


Anti-acid, Stainless Surgical Steel. Mens gift


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