Classic Slant Tweezers ( 1 pair )

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RUBIS Classic Slant Tweezers ( 1 pair )


These tweezers are hands down the most precise in the world, as long as you don't drop them - the demise of all tweezers as it throws them out of alignment - they will last you your lifetime. Unlike Tweezerman tweezers the Swiss-made Rubis are hand crafted and checked both by eye and machine so you are guaranteed that they will be perfectly aligned, stable, resilient and ergonomically shaped for effectiveness and ease of handling. You could also bury them for 50 years and they wouldn't tarnish.


Start by brushing your brows so the hairs go upwards (toothbrushes work well) so you can see where to pluck, and make sure you are in a well lit room. Brows should start straight up from the inner corner of each eye, the arch placement comes from a line from the nostril to centered pupil to brow, and then outer edge from nostril to outer corner of the eye. Pluck one hair at a time and step back from the mirror at intervals to check the overall look and if in doubt, don't pluck it out!


Stainless Steel.


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